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tian fu / w’dorf

July 22, 2009

finally, my quest to find an adequate substitute for my favorite sichuan haunt in PA has come to a glorious end!

perhaps my previous virginity regarding sichuan food has kept me from discovering this chili-haven located on uhlandstrasse – after all, it’s been around for over a decade, and it took me this long to find it.

i’ve been back three times now (more than any other berlin resto this summer), and i’ll most definitely be back – for their cucumber salad with chili oil, the stir-fried water spinach

water spinach with fresh chili peppers

water spinach with fresh chili peppers

the ma po tofu, or any of the braised dishes

braised ocean perch & vegetables in hot chili oil

braised ocean perch & vegetables in hot chili oil

brimming with my latest serious addiction:  the sichuan peppercorn.  its unique floral aroma and slightly numbing qualities, making it possible to ingest large numbers of very spicy chili peppers predominant in many sichuan dishes, has become a flavor i not only crave, but can conjure in my mouth days later.  i love it, i love it, I LOVE IT!

i urge anyone looking for excellent sichuan food in berlin – a city where cantonese restaurants still make up the vast majority – to check this place out!  granted, you’ll have to insist they don’t hold back on the desired spiciness, which remains the dilemma of any non-asian… that is, until you become a regular.  i’d like to consider myself one by now.  hell yeah.

tian fu  /  uhlandstr. 142  /  030 861 3015  /

(reservations highly recommended, even on weekdays).