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awesomeness where you least expect it….

May 31, 2012

psssst — don’t tell anyone! but it would seem that part of eberswalder is becoming a new destination for some very good & very affordable food.

besides the already fairly popular italian eatery cotto e crudo and a relatively new korean place, a couple of folks from the team that brought you themroc on torstrasse  have opened up a french bistro that will keep you coming back for more.

the small resto with perhaps 40 seats total and an indiscriminate storefront features an open kitchen, where two cooks work their daily magic cranking out some damn fine dishes at incredibly reasonable prices. take one of the daily specials on a recent evening, for example, all of which are written on the blackboard: an appetizer of fantastic veal tartar with wild herb salad and a luscious piece of eggplant rang up at 7.20 euro. the regular menu features a small selection of appetizers & mains, all of which are well under 20 euro, and most everything ordered that evening was very good to great. don’t know if there’s a wine list, as we were quite happy with ordering several carafes of the house white and >gasp< tap water!

the service, a friendly but slightly overwhelmed young lady, can be a bit slow, so make sure you are in the mood for a very French, very leisurely, very delicious & delightful evening.

and pretty please – do continue to pimp out the hungry hipster haven aka torstrasse to all your friends, pan-european & northamerican visitors from out of town, and let this be our dirty little secret. merci beaucoup.

les valseuses

eberswalder str. 28