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henne / xberg

October 22, 2010

how could one possibly go wrong with fried chicken?

well, perhaps one could, but most definitely not at henne – a berlin institution that’s been around for over a century, and that has witnessed the wall go up and down practically in their FRONT LAWN in the meantime.

what hasn’t changed is the dark and dusty wooden interior, or the recipe for a fried half chicken:

where'd the wing bone go? >burp<

crispy, crunchy, golden-brown skin & juicy, tender meat.  in fact, the chicken is so cripy and crunchy that i’ve been known to eat the entire wing tip, bones and all.  because, well … did i mention how crispy-crunchy-delicious everything is?

yes, sometimes the cooks can go a little overboard with the salt… but please – don’t cry about it and have another sip of the deliciously refreshing bavarian mönchshof landbier on tap (which is actually served in traditional biersteins.  that fact alone should let any red-blooded american’s heart beat faster, no?)  alas, the staff is not dressed in dirndls and lederhosen – we are in prussia after all – but whether you’re enjoying an early summer evening in the tiny beergarden or somewhere in the cavernous rooms, you get to share the large, rustic tables with random strangers, which creates a rather convivial atmosphere, especially after a few rounds of landbier.  be advised that it can get rather hot in the upper back room, so i don’t tend to go there unless the weather is nice & you can sit outside.

apart from the golden chicken, you can order a pair of sausages, but nobody does that.  neither should you.  for sides, you’ve got the choice between potato salad and kraut salad (sadly, they’re both store-bought and thus a tad bit overpriced, but nonetheless tasty, at least the potato salad).  either salad is delivered pretty soon after the drinks, which is good, as the wait for the chicken can be long:  30-45 min., depending on how busy the place is… and it is ALWAYS busy.  considering that fact, the service is impressively swift, and generally very friendly.

after dinner, check out the awesome selection of various liqueurs – a number of traditional berlin spirits such as mampe halb and halb (i have no clue what it is, but it’s tasty), persico, ginger cream or cinnamon or walnut liqueur.  trust me, you won’t find this on any old diner menu.

when you go, make sure to call AT LEAST 3-4 days ahead, especially if you’ve got a party of more than 2 or 3 people – the phone is almost always busy, and reservations go fast.

henne / xberg

May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008

Eines meiner Lieblingsrestos in Berlin. Wenn der Jieper nach dem dort angebotenen, besten halben Hähnchen der Stadt kommt, ist Widerstand zwecklos. Die Einrichtung ist über-rustikal, man sitzt oft – da immer gut besucht — mit völlig fremden Menschen am Tisch und wartet auf das georderte Huhn. Denn das dauert durchaus so seine halbe bis dreiviertel Stunde. Zum Glück gibt es ein klasse Bayrisches Landbier, auch wird der Kartoffelsalat (Kraut? wer bestellt denn bloß Kraut??) ziemlich bald gereicht und stante pede verschlungen, so daß wir meist einen extra Kartoffelsalat “für den Tisch” mitbestellen, damit zum superduperknusprigen Hahn noch etwas da ist.

Im Sommer sitzt es sich auch sehr nett im kleinen Bier(vor)garten.  Unbedingt reservieren!