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dolce pizza… how sweet it is

August 26, 2009

first off – i am not someone who will travel through town for pizza,  no matter how great.  i like pizza for what it is, but it’s not something i will seek out.

that said, having lived just around the corner from the dolce branch on maaßenstr. this summer,  i think I can safely pronounce their pizza as the best berlin has to offer.

mind you, this is not a fancy sit-down place – although there is an area with benches outside generally occupied with a crowd happily munching away – but when evening plans dictate an early, simple, cheap AND tasty dinner, it’s the way to go.  one of their rectangular slices is 2 €, and it’s usually enough to prep for any drunken reveries you might have in mind.



the crust, made with imported italian flour, has a nice crunch and chewy bite to it, the sauce is tangy without being over-powering, and the mozzarella cheese actually tastes like cheese.  toppings vary from the mundane – sliced fresh mushrooms, salami, or chorizo – to the slightly more extravagant, like anchovis, zucchini and capers, or tuna & scallions.

the pizza funghi happens to be one of my faves, elevated from the ordinary by sprigs of fresh rosemary.

thanks to the place’s massive popularity, the turn-around is quick, and so one often gets the pizza straight from the oven, bubbling with hot, molten, cheesy deliciousness.

there’s olive oil, chili oil, red pepper flakes, and oregano on the counter to “customize” your slice; be careful with the red pepper flakes – they are really spicy, and will turn your lips into a burning ring of fire.

the only thing that really pisses me off about the place is that it closes at 11 p.m., which means  no late-night pizza for me.  damn you, dolce.

fyi:  dolce pizza is not related to the dolce ice-cream place next door, whose owners have been the center of controversy for homophobic comments this summer.

dolce pizza                        maaßenstr.                              10777 berlin

oyster bar / nyc / english

December 10, 2008

DEC 10, 2008

Granted, there are a bunch of raw bars in the city that aren’t nearly as crowded and – dare I say it – touristy as this one.  It does have the advantage of being located in one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, and its selection of bivalves is astounding.

As a relatively recent oyster convert, most of the over *30 different kinds of oysters* from both Atlantic and Pacific that are available on any given day were unknown to me;  I dove right into the menu and chose 2 each of four kinds:  Moonstone XL (RI), Pemaquid XL (ME), Totten Virginica (WA), and Cuttyhunk (MA).

The two Pemaquid were probably the largest oysters I have seen in my entire life – and while I am tempted to claim that they were as ‘big as my head’, they weren’t.  Just about as big as the length of my hand.

The oysters are served on ice with plenty of lemon quarters, ketchup (eeewww), mignonette.  Fresh horseradish, black pepper & tabasco are available on the counter.

Sitting at aforementioned counter, one has a fantastic view of the shuckers, the platers, and the two dudes who prepare the various stews, chowders, and other delicious things.  It’s lively, loud, and energetic, just like The City itself.

Here’s to many, many returns!