werkstatt der süße – p’berg

i’ve long ago lost my sweet tooth – my preferences definitely lie on the savory side of the spectrum:  spicy, salty, bitter & sour are the flavors that make my mouth sing. in a restaurant, i am much more likely to order the cheese plate than mousse au chocolat (thankfully, i never eat alone, so i get the best of both worlds). i can walk past miles of cakes, pastries & other baked goods without missing a step >yawn<.

there are exceptions, however. the delectable creations from patissier guido fuhrmann at werkstatt der süße, for example.

la dolce vita indeed.

the tartlets, pralines and mousses are light as air, fantastically delicious and truly pieces of art with wonderful flavors. i’ve never had anything that was overly sweet – in fact, the dark nougat bar with passionfruit mousse had a nice, refreshing tartness to it.

a very passionate dessert.

the “chocolate crisp tartlet” is, despite its pedestrian name, the house’s flagship dessert and a personal favorite.

crispy, chocolatey goodness.

you can’t possibly go wrong ordering any one of these wonderful delights – be it as an afternoon coffee treat, taking home a fabulous dessert for your own dinner party for those of us less talented than mr. fuhrmann, or as a sweet gift for your favorite sweetie.


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2 Responses to “werkstatt der süße – p’berg”

  1. kormoranflug Says:

    these things look great, don´t touch them.

  2. richensa Says:

    …. and don’t eat them! They will move within a second from your belly for the rest of your life to your hips…

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