and now, for something completely different….

a nice lil song i recorded a few days ago.  sorry for the unabashed self-promotion ‘-)

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9 Responses to “and now, for something completely different….”

  1. April Says:

    I clicked onto your blog to giggle along after reading your “old dog I ate for starters” comment on another site (ahem). I toast you with the cocktail of your choice (an Irish Car Bomb, perhaps?). ;) Great tune–nice job! Keep smilin’!

  2. Marius Gamauf Says:

    Why aren’t more people of this opinion?

  3. bunnyberlin Says:


  4. culinspiration Says:

    hey, this was pretty good. i even listened the whole way through. are you performing in Berlin anywhere?

  5. benoit Says:

    didn’t know this (hidden?) talent

  6. 6kraska6 Says:

    gerade erst entdeckt. the lady sings the blues. ich dachte immer, deine haupttalente wären essen, trinken und spitze bemerkungen machen. und jetzt hör ich sooo was! würklich cool!

  7. Rosine Says:

    Sehr schön, sehr schön, sehr schön.

  8. richensa Says:


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